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A full-scale digital event platform for hosting virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, collaborative online meetings, or remote live training workshops, Distantly offers comprehensive enterprise-level networking and collaboration in one centralized virtual environment.

Don't let geographic location and travel restrictions limit your event's potential:
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Don't let travel restrictions, social distancing, or health concerns limit your next event. Meet your audience online in an all-in-one virtual event platform that features an exhibition hall, company booths, live speakers, event sponsors, and more.


Re-ignite B2B engagement, collaborate with partners from around the globe, and exchange business cards & collateral with clients in a private virtual meeting room enhanced by secure voice, video & chat communications.


Access all the tools you need to create, manage, and share your virtual event within a single platform. Host presentations and panels on a live stage; enable breakout rooms and discussion groups, schedule B2B meetings, and more.


Don't just host a virtual event; easily build and host a full-scale digital conference, trade show, or live training workshop for up to hundreds of thousands of attendees.  

Host a live training workshop, bring your company’s remote team together, remotely connect with net new sales prospects, or launch a full-scale digital conference. No matter what type of virtual event you are looking for, you can easily build it within a virtual platform that seamlessly enables guests to chat with team members, start secure video calls, share collateral, join speaker sessions, experience interactive virtual booths and products, and more.

Created by enterprise, for enterprise, our virtual event hosting platform offers simplified access to all the features you need to create successful B2B engagement throughout your online event - all in one centralized location.

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Schedule private, collaborative meetings with your prospects in a secure, encrypted virtual platform.

Engage your event participants directly in collaborative discussions instead of passive presentations.

Increase your ROI by creating engaging event experiences that require minimal investment and no travel.

Leverage on-demand features in an all-in-one platform to create simplified and fully engaging remote experiences.


All-In-One Platform: Avoid messy integrations that force you to use multiple technologies. Distantly offers an all-in-one platform for sending invitations, scheduling events & meetings, streaming presentations, facilitating collaborative discussions, and more, all from one centralized feature hub.

Built for Enterprise Events: Distantly is purpose-built by enterprise for enterprise to equip you with the powerful features you need to support all levels of B2B engagement.

Secure Communication: All data and communications are secured by end-to-end encryption using advanced Olm and Megolm cryptographic ratchets, protecting all push-to-talk VoIP, chat, and video conversations, along with all your sensitive data.


Distantly provides an all-in-one package of the features you need to create engaging events that facilitate effective B2B connections in a secure, collaborative, virtual environment.

Host a private event or conference.

Plan speaker spots and engagements.

Schedule and attend B2B meetings.

One-click meeting invitations.

Engage in live communcations with attendees.

Advanced, encrypted communications.


Keep your conversations and data private and secure within your event with our messaging system’s end-to-end encryption, based on the Olm and Megolm cryptographic ratchets.


Easily facilitate successful B2B engagement. Enable pre-arranged meetings, spontaneous connections, and structured event engagement opportunities for your attendees.


Create organized communication channels for each team or topic, and advance communication by chatting, sharing files, adding widgets, and making audio and video calls.

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